It is A Relay Race: Sustainable Moves Throughout the Industry


It is A Relay Race: Sustainable Moves Throughout the Industry

Arçelik is not alone in undertaking global projects in the field of sustainability. Other brands in the sector, namely their competitors, are also doing important works. For Arçelik to meet its global sustainability goals, similar steps need to be taken on both the government and private sectors. Because Arçelik's goals will only be met if all actors play their part.

Therefore, we need to carefully follow and pay attention to the sustainability focused steps taken by Arçelik's competitors. Here are the sustainability initiatives taken by the companies operating in the same space as Arçelik…

Fully Interactive Virtual Brochure

Siemens said goodbye to its paper-made product lists. The virtual Brochure, produced by Virtual Worlds, is a free-to-download app, available via the Google Play Store or App Store. It allows users to search for Siemens products, and then rotate, zoom and interact with them in an unprecedent way. Every appliance can be explored in interactive 3D in close-up detail, and replayed as animated movies within the app.

The Virtual Brochure launches with the Siemens Studio Line range of appliances, and the complete Siemens appliance collection will be available in the format later this year, allowing consumers to see and interact with the latest products.


BSH Joins Forces with UN World Food Program

BSH started a new collaboration with the impactful organization. Supporting the United Nations World Food Program (WFP). BSH will collaborate with WFP’s Innovation Accelerator and provide its leading expertise in cooking appliances, food storing, food processing and healthy eating to innovative projects that the Accelerator sources, supports and scales to help reach zero hunger.

The WFP Innovation Accelerator focuses on the most impactful innovations brought to life through an iterative sprint format, which has reached 3.5 million people in 2020 alone via 90 innovations in the last five years. This collaboration will support innovations in two emergency contexts, specifically the H2Grow initiative’s expansion to North Eastern Nigeria and early-stage Sprints in South Sudan.


Samsung Launches Campaign to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Samsung has announced the launch of a campaign to offset customer usage carbon emissions throughout the full product lifecycle of any of the brand’s washing machines or tumble dryers in the UK or Ireland. The campaign, which is time limited and applies to appliances purchased in the UK and Ireland from or an approved retailer from 24th March to 1st June 2021, will be conducted through supporting several sustainable schemes.

The associated programs include solar energy and wind power projects, forest degradation and deforestation reduction activities and tree-planting initiatives. Each project is verified through VERRA’s Verified Carbon Standard – an internationally respected standard that verifies the carbon savings and demonstrates real, measurable, additional and permanent emissions reductions. Samsung is partnering with Carbon Footprint Ltd to facilitate the campaign.


Electrolux Partners with Seven Companies

The Open Innovation team at Electrolux has chosen seven partners to help develop cutting-edge solutions to save water and energy, make packaging circular, and take care of the health of consumers and employees.

The new partners join the company’s Booster Program, the open innovation vehicle for quick validation and testing of new solutions in which Electrolux connects with smaller, creative companies to tackle internal challenges.

The companies selected at the Electrolux Innovation Day are:

  • Drishti, providing AI-powered continuous improvement solutions for manual assembly lines.

  • Aimplas, providing solutions to prevent contaminant migration, with expertise in plastics and polymers.

  • Enervibe and E-peas, making devices that convert vibrations to electricity.

  • Returnity, an innovative logistics system.

  • LEDtailor, making devices using blue LED light to preserve hygiene in a non-chemical way in various environments.

  • Cerebrumedge, developing AI-based systems for quick, real-time ergonomics assessments for workers performing repetitive tasks.

  • Moleaer, that has a solution to treat, preserve and improve water quality in appliances.


Apple Aims for Green Bond Funded Projects

Apple announced the release of its annual Green Bond Impact Report. Since 2016, the California-based company has executed four green bond issues, raising $4.7 billion. According to the report, Apple has now invested more than half of the proceeds, allocating $2.8 billion to date.

According to the report, the company has funded project ranging from operational those with immediate direct environmental benefits, to capacity building projects that enable suppliers to achieve environmental benefits, as well as research and development aimed at unlocking future environmental benefits.

The investments will help enable Apple to meet its environmental sustainability commitments. While Apple has already reached 100% renewable energy use in its own operations, the company launched a new initiative in July 2020, committing to become carbon neutral across its manufacturing supply chain and product life cycle by 2030.