Making the Most of Packaging


Pursuit of Sustainable Packaging


Packaging plays an important role in both our daily lives and in meeting business requirements. Its primary function is to prevent spoilage and damage in the supply chain. According to recent polls, consumers believe packaging is the most serious environmental issue in relation to the products they buy. Along with addressing these concerns, packaging must contribute to greater resource efficiency and combat climate change as part of a larger goal to reduce the overall environmental impacts of our supply chains.

Sustainability is combining with other powerful trends to drive major changes in consumer packaging, particularly regulatory and public concerns about single-use packaging waste.

Arçelik is committed to reducing the environmental impact of product packaging through innovation and research. We design the volume and the weight of our products’ packaging to produce the least amount of waste possible, and we carry out reuse and recycling projects to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging processes.

Reducing 42 tonnes of CO2 by using viol packaging.

In line with Arçelik’s sustainability strategy, we introduced viol packaging seperators for use in compressor transportation. Viol packaging is made of 100% compressed recycled and recyclable paper pulp, and it is a packaging alternative that reduces CO2 emissions by using recycled paper.

We intend to switch to Viol Packaging in our "Mini KIK" compressor range by 2021 Q3.

Viol Packaging will be used for over 500,000 compressor transports per year. Using a Viol Separator allows for a 25% increase in compressor carrying capacity for the same package dimension, as well as a significant reduction in freight cost per unit. By switching from cardboard to Viol Packaging, 42 tonnes of CO2.emissions will be prevented.

We believe Viol Packaging will serve as a catalyst for all compressor businesses and encourage competitors to use sustainable packaging alternatives.