Towards Zero Waste


To meet the Zero Waste target:

  • We use resources more efficiently, prevent and reduce waste resulting from our operations, and improve the effectiveness of separating waste at its source.
  • We invest in technologies that consume fewer resources and reduce the amount of raw materials, our chemical consumption and waste generation by rebuilding product design and manufacturing processes.
  • We design recyclable products with reduced environmental impact.

Thanks to these practices endorsing circular economy, we reduce waste generation and the amount of waste regularly sent to landfills or for incineration, excluding those sent for energy recovery, thus obtaining a cost advantage.

We continue our training, information, and reward efforts to spread zero waste awareness sustainably. And we support the Zero Waste Project of the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

We continue to improve our operations to reduce the amount of waste. With our project to prevent waste sludge in production processes, we prevented approximately 24 tons of hazardous waste. With the improvement of the waste oil collection system in the dyehouse, we have prevented the generation of 1,7 tons of hydraulic oil waste.

In 2019, Arçelik recycled 98% of its waste in Turkey, meaning that we have already achieved our 2020 target of 98% in advance.

Recycling Plants

As part of the Expanded Producer Responsibility, we established the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling plants in Eskişehir and Bolu in 2014 to reuse products as resources or return them to nature. By recycling refrigerators in Eskişehir and other white goods and small domestic appliances in Bolu, we minimize the environmental impact of the products throughout their life cycle.  Arçelik is pioneer in this field with its activities and is also the only company which is both manufacturer and owner of such a plant in its sector.

Our plant in Eskişehir is the first recycling plant in Turkey where chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gases, ozone depleting compounds which were used in old refrigerators, are collected in a closed system. Materials such as plastic, iron, copper, and aluminum obtained from recycled WEEEs find their way back to the economy in accordance with resource efficiency policy. WEEEs collected in other categories are sent to our contracted recycling plants that have environmental permits and licenses.

Distribution of Materials from our WEEE Recycling Plants










In 2014, we launched Turkey 's largest recycling movement under the slogan "Let's return to nature." Through this campaign, we have been replacing the old products of our customers with newer, more efficient Arçelik products, irrespective of their brands, and reassessing the collected WEEEs in the economy thanks to our extensive network of authorized dealers and service shops.

Since 2014, when our plants started their operations, to 2019,

  • We have saved a total of 299 GWh of energy or, in other words, the daily electricity consumption of about 36 million households, by preventing old products from consuming high energy from the grid. This amount is equivalent to the annual energy production of 46 wind turbines each with 2.5 MW capacity.

  • We have prevented approximately 143,000 tons of CO2 emissions by recycling waste products.

  • We have saved 6.2 million tons of water by replacing old-tech products with new eco-friendly ones. This amount is equivalent to the daily water consumption of approximately 7.6 million households.

  • We recycled approximately 1.2 million WEEE units between 2014 and 2019 in our WEEE recycling plants in Eskişehir and Bolu.

Zero Waste Private Sector Award

Our achievements in Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) management and the Zero Waste Project were awarded the Zero Waste Private Sector Award by the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

In addition to Turkey, we also fulfill our responsibilities as a manufacturer under the WEEE management in other countries where we operate as required by authorized organizations in which we are a member.