Next Generation Operations 


The way of doing business around the world is changing rapidly with Industry 4.0. The effects of digitalization are seen in every area, from customer relations management to agility in the workforce, from optimization of production processes to the transformation of products and services. We are transforming our operations in line with the changing trends in digitalization. This approach increases efficiency in our business, therefore we gain competitive advantage by meeting the expectations and needs of a new generation. We make our factories smart, aligned with the Industry 4.0 focus,. As a result, we ensure that our workforce on the production line works more efficiently, and smart equipment prevents errors and losses. 

  • Ulmi Factory 

With the highest automation level in Europe, our factory in Ulmi, Romania ensures efficiency in production to reduce its environmental impact. Through energy efficiency, energy management practices and the use of renewable energy, 540 tons of carbon emissions will be prevented annually. The factory’s wastewater treatment plant and rainwater collection system will recycle annually approximately the amount of water one household would consume over 30 years.  

  • Atölye 4.0 

Established for the purpose of creating flexible, smart, and sustainable production systems, Atölye 4.0 reveals our vision of digital transformation in production. With Atölye 4.0, our employees specialize in different fields to advance their current level of knowledge and develop projects that support digital transformation in the ecosystem consisting of universities, institutes, and industry.