Digital Transformation 


We manage digital transformation in four different focus areas: Customers, products and services, processes and systems, and people. Data analytics, education and awareness, open innovation, and collaboration are facilitators in the field of digitalization. We approach digitalization from a wide perspective that covers working conditions, digital skills of employees, digitalization of factories, and digital control of products as we integrate digitalization into all of our business processes.  

  • Robotic Process Automation 

We plan to switch to technologies that save time and resources with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) instead of the manual processes that require a large labor force. This way, we aim to reduce risks and costs while increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.  

  • Digital Office 

We increase productivity at work by ensuring digital transformation in our offices. In addition, we make our processes flexible and easy to manage by creating an agile workforce. 

  • Data Security 

An increasing number of our smart products are tested at the IoT Security Test and Evaluation Center (ISTEC) where cyber security tests of IoT devices are performed. We are also the main supporter of this center, which enables information transfer to the ecosystem on the topics of secure software development and cyber security testing techniques.