We develop smart solutions and applications for visually-impaired consumers.

The "Accesible Products Project" means visually-impaired people no longer have to depend on others to operate household appliances. We believe that we can enable permanent social benefit and change by partnering with public authorities and nongovernmental organizations in product development. We partnered with the Turkish Six Dots Society for the Blind for a significant step in social innovation.

Home appliances controlled via smart TVs, phones and tablets

We developed our innovative technology HomeWhiz to enable its use by visually-impaired consumers. HomeWhiz is compatible with accessibility features found in smart devices, and uses voice instructions to enable full control of appliances. When the user taps the screen, the application tells the user what function has been tapped and what the available settings are. Products notify the user via voice when their cycle completes. 

For washing machines, the selection of cycle, fabric, spinning, temperature and start delay can be done on smart devices. The application can control temperature settings, functions and ice maker controls in refrigerators, and provide audible warning if doors are open or temperatures are too high.

Audio Instruction Manuals and Braille on control panels simplify use

As part of the "Accesible Products" project, we produced clear Braille labels for the control panels of our appliances. These labels are available at the time of product purchase, or may be later requested from service centers.

The Braille control panel solution for washing machines, dishwashers, hobs and ovens made it much easier for users to adjust temperature. The dials for temperature control, vacation mode and fast cooling in refrigerators were redesigned using Braille, and an audible feedback function was added to the appliances. Vacuum cleaners give an audible warning when the bag is full. The smart iron does not require adjustment and is safe and easy to use in all fabrics. A special guard mounted on the base of the iron prevents accidental contact with the hot surface. Audio instruction manuals are available, and product visuals are described in order to assist visually-impaired people.

The QR code placed on the back of printed instruction manual enables users to access the audio content on the internet. The smart remote developed for TVs enables volume and channel settings.


Fresh meat is a critical food item for keeping fresh. It is imperative that fresh meat is consumed as quickly as possible to provide food safety and prevent spoilage. The high-capacity refrigerator is equipped with a special fresh meat section that follows the life cycle of meat. The FreshMeter® technology in this section detects the odor level in the compartment to determine the freshness of meat. An LED screen indicates the condition of the food with colors. (Green / fresh; yellow / safe to eat; red / do not eat)

A breakthrough sensor technology

The breakthrough sensor technology developed by Grundig for home appliances enables smart devices to detect ambient changes and adapt automatically. Grundig products equipped with these sensors automate multiple tasks that would normally done by the user, improving their quality of life and allowing them to spend more time with their families. Grundig’s new refrigerators, cookers and washer/dryers are equipped with this technology.

Beko's new dishwasher technology is a world first

Thanks to the technologies developed by Beko, users save time and labor on routine household chores like doing the dishes. The AutoDosing technology optimizes the amount of detergent to use depending on chosen cycle, and provides more comfort and savings.

The first AutoDosing-enabled dishwasher launched by Beko does not need topping up with liquid or gel detergent for almost a month. The machine measures the level of soiling and adjusts detergent dosage.

While excessive detergent use and inadequate rinsing in short cycles is a common problem in many dishwashers, the new technology by Beko takes guesswork out of detergent dosing and eliminates detergent residues even in short cycles.

Beko dishwashers are full-featured application for use on smart devices which enables users to keep track of remaining detergent, rinse aid and salt levels in the machine and order replenishments via Amazon DRS when necessary. This eliminates the need to know just how much detergent you have at home.

Consumers can also download and import additional wash cycles using the application. These custom cycles can be changed at any time.