Wasted food is wasted life. Every year, around 1/3 of the world’s food is lost or ; resulting in a financial loss of about 750 billion dollars a year. In a world where almost 820 million people are malnourished, we consider it our responsibility to be part of the fight against food waste.

Sustainability is the focus of our Grundig brand’s updated motto, Grunding: Its Starts At Home. We are not just at the forefront of the fight against food waste; from production to packaging, at every stage of the value chain, we're also offering an alternative sustainable life to consumers. We understand that we have a long way to go with Grundig, but we also know where to start.

Respect Food

Grundig is sensitive about conscious consumption, so we've adopted the Respect Food philosophy to support the fight against rapidly increasing food waste in the world.

Within this scope, we cooperate with the Food for Soul Initiative, a non-profit organization spanning various countries, and we work to increase the knowledge and awareness of all our stakeholders and especially consumers about how to combat food waste through our Ruhun Doysun platform in Turkey. We offer recipes that minimize food waste, as well as informative visual and written content to prevent overconsumption.

In addition, we develop new technologies by implementing a large number of joint projects with local and global NGOs and organizations.

Food for Soul

To solve global issues, we place collaboration and multi-stakeholder initiatives at the heart of our brand story. Food for Soul is a non-profit organization founded by chef Massimo Bottura to encourage communities to address food waste, highlighting a number of initiatives in collaboration with chefs, artists, food suppliers, designers, and institutions. Food for Soul plans its projects on the basis of arts and design to present a holistic approach to nutrition that feeds both the body and the soul. Thanks to our partnership with Food for Soul, 5 Refettorios were opened in Rio, London, Paris, Milan, and Naples, avoiding the waste of more than 200 tons of food which reached 80,000 people in need with the contributions of more than 15,000 volunteers from around the world.

We support the Refettorio initiative not only with kitchen products, but also with all our products equipped with sustainable technologies, thus increasing the awareness of both volunteers and visitors, as well as our social platform followers, about food waste and respect for the environment.

Grundig and Food for Soul continue to support the Respect Food ecosystem by opening new Refettorios, with plans for the United States, Australia and Canada in 2020.

Ruhun Doysun

We continued our Grundig brand’s awareness-raising efforts against food waste with the 'Respect Food' philosophy around the world in 2019, combining it with the inspiration we received from Koç Holding's vision of sustainability and the 'A Brand with a Purpose' philosophy, as well as the Food for Soul awareness movement, which we launched in the last quarter of 2017, saying “ Explore: Explore life, starting with kitchen".

Ruhun Doysun has become an awareness-raising movement with a YouTube series, a website, and social media accounts that broadcast its 2017 "A Lifestyle" and 2018 "Respect Food" platforms. In 2019, we added a new communication channel with two different periodicals — books that we published. We produced 3,000 copies of the first periodical-book, Respect Food, and sold it on leading e-commerce websites and in well-known bookstores as well as at grundig.com.tr. In December, a new periodical-book with the theme "Explore" was published with the same number of copies.

By the end of the Explore communication season, we had reached over 60 million people in over 3 years. With more than 600,000 followers on all online platforms, we have become an opinion leader in the field, spreading our philosophy to a wider audience, observing their adoption of the philosophy, and how they change as a result. In addition, we aired the episodes on NTV between May and October in 2019 and continued to provide a support platform that reached a wide audience.

In 2020, our goal is to spread the philosophy of Ruhun Doysun to a wider audience through Grundig's cooperation with the Academy of Culinary Arts (MSA).