Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Management


Pursuant to its vision, “Respecting the World, Respected Worldwide” Arçelik established WEEE recycling plants in Eskişehir and Bolu, in accordance with WEEE Directive and Regulation on Control of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Arçelik is pioneer in this field with its activities and is also the only company which is both manufacturer and owner of such a plant in its sector.

Refrigerators and coolers are recycled in our Eskişehir WEEE recycling plant licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. This is the first recycling plant in Turkey with the capacity to collect CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) gases that are ozone depleting or have a global warming potential (GWP) above 15, harmful to the ozone layer, found in old refrigerators, through a closed system.

At the other licensed recycling plant established in Bolu, large white goods and small household appliances are recycled.

Turkey’s largest renewal campaign with slogan of "Let's return to nature" was launched first in 2014, regarding the aim of collection of WEEEs in order to gain the environment and the national economy. Recycling is encouraged with our sales campaigns and also sustainable business models are produced.

At the WEEE exchange campaign, the WEEEs collected by the Arçelik and Beko dealers and authorised services were transferred to the licensed recycling plants. The materials obtained from recycled WEEEs in plants are gained to the economy in accordance with the concept of “Resource Efficiency” as secondary raw materials.

Arçelik is the first company which established two recycling plants in its sector to mitigate environmental impacts throughout the product life cycle.

In Arçelik’s recycling plants especially recycling of old and high electricity consuming refrigerators that contains chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), provides a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to the fight against climate change in our country with this way.  By the recycling of high energy consuming old products, we contribute to our country's energy efficiency.

Arçelik, started to work to prevent consumers to use of unsafe products through the recycling plants and renewal campaign’s "Let's return to nature" motto. The market could be cleared from the second hand, unregulated products which are considerably hazardous for consumer health.

Arçelik performs WEEE recycling in its plants which are in compliance with environmental legislation and modern, gives support to improve the quality of the recycling sector in Turkey without giving harm to environment and human health and also provides employment in this area.

The energy gain by recycling in 2014-2018 at these two plants since their establishment is equivalent to the annual energy production of 32 wind turbines with 2.5 MW capacity. With the replacement of old technology products with new technology environmentally friendly ones, 202 GWh savings equivalent to the daily energy consumption of 25 million households and 3.6 M tons  water saving equal to daily water consumption of 4.5 million households were achieved. Thus, a reduction of 100,000 tons CO2e of greenhouse gas emissions was ensured.

With the contribution of WEEE recycling plants in Eskişehir and Bolu and the level of recycling, Arçelik was awarded the highest grade in its sector AAA rating in the MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) Global Sustainability Index Series which is closely followed by international investors in the decision-making process.

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