Through Sports


We believe in the unifying power of sports and make significant investments in it. This touches the lives of our consumers in many countries with values cherished by sports. 

We develop projects encourage children and youth to have team spirit

FC Barcelona's New Teammate Beko

We make products that leave you more time to play. That is why our global brand Beko appears on the jerseys of the team that loves to play the most

The power of sports to reach the masses and touch the lives of people is a perfect match for the vision of our global brand Beko. Through Beko, we have been supporting various branches of sports and the leading clubs of the world for years. In addition to individual and team sponsorships, we endorse leagues and tournaments to help a greater number of people enjoy sports across the world.

Beko is with parents to raise future athletes

We also help to train the football legends of the future at the Istanbul school of FCBEscola, known to be one of the best football schools in the world. FCBEscola Istanbul trains girls and boys between 6 and 14 years of age to become not only good human beings but also great footballers steeped in FC Barcelona’s values of modesty, respect, effort, team spirit, and passion.

As of 2016, the school is called FCBEscola Istanbul Beko, and teaches ‘more than football’ - to live up to the motto of the club. In addition, 24 schools in 17 countries around the world train more than ten thousand children to improve their football knowledge and skills aligned to the methodology and philosophy of FC Barcelona. FCBEscola Istanbul has reached 1500 children to date, and currently trains 700.

Full support for the National Football Team

Turkey's leading brand Arçelik is the Main Sponsor of the Turkish Football Federation National Teams. This leverages the unifying aspect of sports and reveals the dazzling potential in Turkey through sportsmanship, unity and solidarity. We believe that the support given by powerful brands to sports is a key part of success. 

The Legendary Beşiktaş Sponsor

Our global brand Beko has been involved with sport since the 1988-89 football season when it became the sponsor of Beşiktaş - a relationship that would last until 2004. It was a # successful time for Beşiktaş: the team won 5 league championships and 17 cups, while the Beko brand became a favorite of all fans. Beko signed another sponsorship agreement with Beşiktaş in 2014 and returned to its place on the jerseys of the team.

Grundig sets sail

Our global brand Grundig is the main sponsor of the J/70 sailing competitions held by the Royal Nordic Yacht Club in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland with a view towards encouraging young generations to take up sailing as a sport. The Nordic J/70 races took place under the name Grundig Sailing Cup for the first time in Norway in 2017.

Grundig Sailing Cup is a competitive event held with fast boats to involve more young sailors and their families, and make for a truly spectacular race. 

We continue our support of Nordic Yacht Club teams and J/70 sailing societies for the training of new sailors and athletes.

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