Wasted food is wasted life

We are taking steps to be a part of the solution to global food waste. This aligns with the importance we place on the effective use of the world's resources. This is the foundation of our global brand Grundig’s philosophy of "Respect Food". 

Grundig partners with "Food for Soul", a non-profit founded by three-star Michelin chef Massimo Bottura, to fight food waste on a global level. As an organisation whose purpose and working principles fully match those of Grundig, Food For Soul receives our support backed by the belief that more people need to be informed on this issue. By developing sustainable products and living up to our commitments, we are proud to contribute to an overall raising of consciousness.

The partnership has saved 25 tons of food from going to waste in one year. We started 4 soup kitchen projects and distributed 48,300 meals with the help of 210 world-renowned chefs.

The steps we are taking to raise awareness of food waste across the world are fueled by our firm belief that wasting food is wasting life. It will contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal of zero hunger by 2030.

Please visit https://www.respectfood.com/ for more information.

For a Sustainable Life, we initiated the “Food for Thought” Project in Turkey

Our upper segment brand Grundig took our global endeavour to tackle food waste a step further with the “Food for Thought” project in Turkey rooted in the “Respect Food” philosophy.

Grundig is an environmentally conscious global brand. It develops products that serve a sustainable world - from technology to design. Aiming for a sustainable life, it strives to raise awareness for resource protection and consumption consciousness. Today, everyone would like to be part of a sustainable life. Hence, Grundig started “Food for Thought” project in Turkey. The project is the latest phase of the awareness attempts to protect the resources of the world with the “Respect Food” philosophy.

Grundig is presenting the “Respect Food” philosophy with a video series in collaboration with Turkey’s renowned chef Mehmet Gürs. In the programme, Mehmet Gürs gives tips that combine a kitchen experience that he gained after years of research with Grundig’s sustainability vision and solutions. In this series, the topics covered range from ideas on avoiding food waste to short escapes from the city to nature, and the journey of food from farms to our table. Special guests accompany Gürs in this programme that is set amidst nature in a tastefully decorated container conversion.


The programme that presents the “Food for Thought” philosophy is the first step in a journey of unity with nature. You can see more inspiring texts and ideas on www.ruhundoysun.com.

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