Because everything starts with the words that we use!

We believe that by avoiding sexist and discriminative expressions we can take the first step towards creating awareness. With this in mind, for an equal society, we are trying to create an equal language.




The Tongue Slips, The Dictionary Evens It Out!

To equalize Turkish language, with Arçelik’s vision of using technology for good of, we developed a dictionary and a keyboard. Those who download Equal Dictionary can correct their expressions which are sexist, unequal, humiliating for both genders, through our keyboard.


Who are our partners?

First of all, with all those who join our movement by downloading our mobile and desktop application!

We are partners with experts of gender issues and linguistics! The ‘’equal’’ suggestions of our dictionary were prepared with the amazing support of Kadir Has University Research Center of Gender Issues and Woman Studies and KOÇ-KAM Research Center of Gender Issues and Woman.