Healthy Nutrition

Eat Like a Pro


We support healthy nutrition with the intelligent and innovative technologies that we develop.

Research suggests that children are eating less fresh fruit and vegetables, and more fatty or sugary foods.

According to World Health Organization data: 

  • The incidence rate of obesity increased twofold since 1980.

  • 900 million people aged 18 and over are overweight. 600 million of them are obese.

  • 41 million children aged 5 or under are overweight or obese. 

If the current trend in obesity continues, 70 million children aged 5 or under are expected to be obese or overweight by 2025.

The initiative “Eat Like a Pro” by our global consumer brand Beko seeks to reduce childhood obesity through precautions and education. 


We reveal how the players of FC Barcelona, of which Beko is an official partner, eat in order to achieve their maximum performance. We hope to educate children on correct eating habits via their role models. 

A Transformation in Four Stages

The Beko Eat Like a Pro initiative implements projects that will help the transformation of families, households, school education, and ultimately society to encourage children to eat healthily.

Transformation of families:

We share healthy nutrition tips and recipes by FC Barcelona players and their dieticians with parents and caregivers; we hold online seminars and running events. 

Transformation of households:

We offer innovative and affordable solutions that make healthy eating quicker and easier. 

Transformation of schools

We cooperate with educational institutions to encourage children to "eat like a pro", and inform teachers and parents about healthy eating. 

Transformation of the society:

We cooperate with international non-governmental organizations in a global effort to encourage children to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

The project continues on the website, educating parents and children, offering solutions for the home, and making a difference. 

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