Organizational Development and Talent Management


We manage differences to improve our global organisation and talents.

Aligned with our strategic plan to develop our organisation, we manage our human resources on a yearly basis.

We design talent management policies that will support our global organisation in a way that goes beyond meeting employee expectations and shapes the future. We design and implement fair performance and career management schemes that keep up with changing trends, learning and development activities, and recognition and reward systems. These attract, develop and retain talented employees. We focus on the development of competencies, talent, knowledge and skills among our people so that we are able to achieve ambitious business objectives and follow the latest trends.

We prepare short- and long-term succession plans that will carry our organisation to a sustainable future. We match potential employees to suitable management positions and keep track of vacancies in succession plans. We actively use our succession plans in all organisational changes.

We offer career options to hourly employees, Shift Supervisors and Master Operators in our factory, warehouse and R&D organisations.

Arçelik draws its strength from its dedicated, happy employees and their outstanding efforts in team spirit. We conduct an Employee Loyalty Survey every year through an independent survey company. The survey reveals general trends, successful practices and improvement opportunities within the company. Its results inform decisions that determine focus areas that will foster a workplace environment where positive employee experiences are a priority.

Talent Acquisition

We seek to ensure that we employ the best-qualified people and highly-experienced professionals. Talent assessment during the recruitment process is based on the competency framework we call the Arçelik Leadership Profile, and all prospective talent are expected to possess these competencies.

The Candidate Recommendation System allows our employees to become involved in the talent acquisition process using a measurable system.

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