In Touch with Human Needs

Progress in 2021


Improving the lives of people

By continuously renewing ourselves and the sector in which we operate, we strive to improve the lives of people with smart products we develop.


Other Key Developments

Over EUR 5.8 million was spent globally for social investment and corporate citizenship activities

Products that create social value

  • Solar Hybrid Fridge - Developed for users who do not have access to uninterrupted provision of electricity, the sustainable, safe, and affordable solar hybrid panel refrigerator offers a cooling system solution that uses electricity obtained from the electricity grid and solar energy alternately. With the refrigerator’s use of increased insulation and renewable energy sources, a solution is provided for an existing need and a new approach is brought to environmentally friendly cooling systems.

  • Simple Base Drawer Feature - In Bangladesh, our team observed that to tackle the frequent flooding problem, consumers had to place their products above the ground. To find a creative solution to this problem, a base drawer compartment was included in refrigerators which acts as a no-cooling zone to provide storage for items such as onions and potatoes. This is a unique feature in the market.

  • Inverter Compressor Need For Increased Energy Efficiency - While the inverter compressor which increases energy, efficiency is an ordinary feature of almost any product in the developed markets, in the emerging markets it becomes an important feature that is not easily available on the market. 

  • Static Everfresh And Hybrid Cooling Technologies In Refrigerators To Keep Food Fresh - In Pakistan and Bangladesh, where there are planned and unplanned electricity cuts, it becomes important to keep food fresh for a long time. Therefore, while static refrigerators are no longer a preferred option in the developed markets, the Static Everfresh solution and hybrid colling technologies are, as they help keep food preserved during these cuts, with the technology to provide freshness for up to 2 times longer. These are unique features in both markets. It is now available in Europe as well.


Products for Healthy Living And Well-Being Of Society

  • The RecycledTub™ washing machine and RecycledDry™ tumble dryer, which use tubs made from recycled plastic bottles, and the RecycledNet™ oven which uses sustainable material made from recycled fishnets and industrial thread waste are just a few of our most recent technologies to use recycled materials. Biocomposite material use is also a part of Beko innovations such as BioCycle refrigerators, in which eggshell waste and sustainable bio-based plastics are used to create key components, and BioCoffee™ coffee machine, which use waste from coffee grounds. Beko also aims to reduce chemical waste with smart technologies such as its AutoDose™ dishwasher, which uses up to 28% less detergent to reduce waste chemicals in the sea.

  • Hygieneshield Range - The COVID-19 pandemic is called a milestone because of its effects on consumer behavior and needs in the near future. Beko’s consumer research, Consumer Connected, conducted in 31 countries globally, identified hygiene as the highest priority for consumers. In response, Beko developed its revolutionary HygieneShield range, specially designed to kill more than 99% of bacteria and viruses, including disinfection programs and functions to eliminate coronavirus.

  • Corensis Health Kiosk - Corensis Health Kiosk is an AI-powered smart medical measurement system developed by Arçelik. Medical sensors and advanced algorithms provide vital measurements with high accuracy. The Corensis health platform offers hospital registration and medical measurement services as a digital tool via AI-driven visual and voice assistants and advanced face recognition. The Corensis Cloud Platform can process data collection via smart algorithms and transform the results into a single-page report.