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Progress in 2021


Being progressive global citizens

We transform our business and build the future together with our stakeholders.


Other Key Developments

Ethics and transparency

  • The Global Code of Conduct and related Policies were communicated in 18 languages and the launch was completed globally.

  • By training 1,760 employees in 2021, we have now reached more than 11,000 employees regarding the Global Code of Conduct and related Policies since its first publication.

  • 57 grievances were reported through Ethics Hotline channels and 17 cases were substantiated.


Digitalization and consumer experience

  • With the STORM project, it is aimed to simplify and digitize processes that differ for each country, including forecasting, order tracking, confirmation of opportunity confirmations, logistics organization planning, and transportation management. The STORM project started with 3 subsidiaries selected as pilots in October 2020 and was completed in April 2021 with live transitions of all subsidiaries and direct sales regions.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been started to be used in supply chain order management and logistics processes as a result of workshops and analyses. In line with the needs of the business units and the analyses made, robotic process automation is started in areas where opportunities are found. In 2021, RPA efforts carried out with local supply chain units on a global scale gained momentum.

  • Data analytics, education, open innovation, and collaboration in digitalization are our key enablers during this agile and digital transformation journey. With the transformation projects initiated in 2021, we achieved a total saving of TRY 5 million.


Customer satisfaction and communication

  • In 2021, our NPS score in Turkey decreased by nearly 5% due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic. To improve our results in 2022, we developed a Service Quality Project and a High-Season Air Conditioner Project, aiming to boost our service quality. We started tracking NPS performance data as well as consumer complaints globally in 2021. While the NPS score stood at 50.1%, the total number of complaints received was over 1 million. We addressed 100% of the issues raised and resolved 96% of all complaints received.

  • We use the Koç Holding Consumer Satisfaction Survey to collect more feedback. Our rating increased from 89.05 in 2020 to 89.23 in 2021. The survey is conducted with gender breakdown in three product categories. The index score broken down by women consumers increased from 90 to 90.7 in 2021. Data security and consumer privacy.

  • In line with the Arçelik Global Data Privacy Policy, we are pledged to protect the privacy of all parties we do business with and process personal data in compliance with all applicable data protection laws.

  • In 2021, there were no complaints from the data subjects (customers, consumers, suppliers, business partners and employees) and no detected cases of personal data violation..

  • We carry out our information security processes in accordance with the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certificate which covers 39% of supply chain, information technologies, human resources, and finance operations.

  • We also carry out penetration testing every other year to detect vulnerabilities and improve our security. In 2020, a complete General Data Protection Regulation and Personal Data Protection Law Maturity Test audit was completed by an external auditor. Another external test audit will be conducted in 2022.


Product quality and safety

  • We base our efforts on consumer safety regarding Product Safety Design Safety Design Criteria while our product quality management prepared in line with international management frameworks including ISO 9001 Quality Management and the 10002 Quality Management-Customer Satisfaction System.


Building a sustainable supply chain

  • Our total purchasing volume reached over EUR 4 Billion in 2021, including indirect and investment purchases. While the largest proportion of purchases (36%) are in Turkey, we contribute to local development in several continents with purchasing activities as follows: Far East, 29%; Europe 22%, Middle East 7% and United States of America 6%.

  • In November 2021, we circulated a letter (herein referred to as the “Commitment Letter”) to our suppliers explaining our sustainability strategy, our sustainability credentials and our Science Based Targets as well as the 2030 environmental targets. This letter was signed by Arçelik’s CEO, CFO, Purchasing Director, Product Sourcing Director and Quality, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Director. We have asked our suppliers to sign the Commitment Letter, and to commit to setting their own targets for GHG emissions, water consumption, waste reduction and energy efficiency. We also have a requirement that suppliers will share these targets publicly on their websites and in their sustainability reports and report on progress in the same way we do. To date, 183 suppliers have signed the Commitment Letter.

  • We carried out a total of 112 projects with 56 suppliers: 22 in quality improvement, 29 in digital transformation, and 61 on productivity increase. In 2021, within the scope of efficiency studies, process optimization, cycle times improvement, automation solutions, localization, optimization of quality control activities and digital transformation projects, TRY 25 million was saved.

  • In 2021, Arçelik started to provide consultancy services to its suppliers on sustainability issues through a third party independent institution and 200 suppliers were provided with this service, reaching 1,900 person*hours.