Water Management

6x 25% 600%

The ocean could sustainably produce 6x more food than it
does today

of the global population lives
in countries facing extremely
high water stress

growth in domestic water
use has been observed
since the 1960s

Source: World Resources Institute


The increase in the human population and urbanization is causing water usage to increase in all sectors, but especially in agriculture and consumer goods industries. Increasing per capita consumption, coupled with growing urban populations, is now causing water shortages in cities all around the world. In addition, vast oceans, seas, and marine resources are under continual threat from the pollution which disrupts marine ecosystems and the communities they support. Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns are the ultimate solutions to achieve water protection.


The water management challenge will seek to answer the following key questions:


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Circular Economy

The over-exploitation of natural resources to achieve economic growth and development has a negative impact on the environment causing these resources to be less accessible or extinct.

Climate Change

The climate crisis continues to be a catastrophic risk all around the globe.