Hack the Normal

Sustainability Hackathon by Beko

22-24 October, 2021



When the pursuit of a healthier life turned out to be more important after the pandemic for us all, we realized what we needed to have realized for a long time ago: human health is dependent on that of our planet.

The rapidly increasing world population and urbanization make it inevitable to discover new solutions to meet the diverse needs of society and our planet. To tackle these challenges, the world needs to adopt a more inclusive and sustainable lifestyle and also an economy where business balances purpose and profit. At Beko, we embed sustainability at the core of our business strategy and adopt Respecting the World, Respected Worldwide approach which enables us to create value for all our stakeholders. We take concrete steps today towards a more sustainable future with the help of the technology we develop to improve the planet, life, and our business.

To leave a better world for future generations, we need to keep in mind social progress, economic development, climate and environment in all the actions that we take. This social awareness is a requirement for sustainable living; however, we also need to make sure we have the means to organize our lives around sustainability.

We believe that crafting high-quality solutions serving a better world is a result of a sense of responsibility and teamwork. We welcome you and your team to Hack the Normal –  Sustainability Hackathon by Beko to develop technology for improving lives and become a part of Beko’s sustainability journey!

This hackathon organized by Beko aims to initiate sustainable living solutions by asking the crucial question: How might we leverage technology to create a positive impact towards sustainable living with a focus on climate action, water management, and circular economy?


Hack The Normal – Sustainability Hackathon by Beko invites participants to develop sustainable living solutions with a focus on climate change, water management, and circular economy.

The hackathon encourages its participants to develop new products, services, and business models focusing on efficient and responsible use of energy, and water resources to help protect the planet. It aims at developing solutions by getting inspiration from different sectors through a digital platform where many disciplines such as sociology, design, technology, psychology, human resources, management, and communication will meet.


Hack the Normal – Sustainability Hackathon by Beko invites participants to develop new products, services, and business ideas with commercial potential in the below areas while driving awareness about the chosen issue.



The over-exploitation of natural resources to achieve economic growth and development has a negative impact on the environment, causing these resources to be less accessible or extinct.



The increase in the human population and urbanization is causing water usage to increase in all sectors, but especially in agriculture and consumer goods industries.



The climate crisis continues to be a catastrophic risk all around the globe.


Total Prize Pool: 50.000 €

Hack the Normal – Sustainability Hackathon by Beko will award the winners from different rankings with up to 50.000 € from a total prize pool