Climate Change




Global emissions must drop
by half by 2030 to prevent the worst impacts of climate change

Climate impacts are projected
to cost the world economy
$7.9 trillion by 2050

Climate action can bring
$26+ trillion in economic
benefits by 2030

Source: World Resources Institute

The climate crisis continues to be a catastrophic risk all around the globe. The impacts of climate change are being felt across the world in a variety of forms, from rapidly declining ice cover to increased flooding, from extreme droughts to ravaging wildfires. WEF’s Global Risk Report 2021 puts climate action failure and extreme weather in the top three risks by likelihood. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from energy sources as much as possible is a pillar to postpone the climate change risk to the latest.

The climate change challenge will seek to answer the following key questions:



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Circular Economy

The over-exploitation of natural resources to achieve economic growth and development has a negative impact on the environment causing these resources to be less accessible or extinct.

Water Management

The increase in the human population and urbanization is causing water usage to increase in all sectors, but especially in the agriculture and consumer goods industry.