In 2021, we directed our focus on developing supplier infrastructure and technical competencies and continuously expanding emerging production technologies in the supplier ecosystem.


With the Arçelik Supplier Technology Day, which had 230 participating suppliers, we aimed to support digital transformation and process technologies by training suppliers in quality and efficiency optimization in thermoform processes with the digital twin methods, quality-enhancing digital solutions in surface control applications, new applications to reduce scrap and waste in the sheet metal forming process, and in the use of nanotechnology in the coating process and its reflections on the household durables sector. In addition, we carried out a total of 112 projects with 56 suppliers: 22 in quality improvement, 29 in digital transformation, and 61 on productivity increase. In 2021, within the scope of efficiency studies, process optimization, cycle times improvement, automation solutions, localization, optimization of quality control activities and digital transformation projects, TRY 25 million was saved.