The Norway stage, which was the first leg of the J/70 Sailing Races organised with the name 'Grundig Sailing Cup' in the Nordic Area under the main sponsorship of Grundig, got under way on June 4th-5th. The winner of the first leg held in Oslo was "Team Vortex", a Norwegian team.

Grundig has signed a sponsorship deal with the Royal Nordic Yacht Club and has undertaken the main sponsorship of the J/70 Sailing Cup, which is becoming more popular and attracting a great deal of attention. The J/70 regattas took place for the first time under the name Grundig Sailing Cup on the 4th and 5th of June in Oslo, Norway.

"Team Vortex", which had also achieved great successes in the past, won the first stage that hosted 8 challenging teams in fierce competition in a total of 18 races over 2 days. The other 3 legs of the Grundig Sailing Cup, the first leg of which was followed closely by a huge audience, and which comprises 4 legs, will be held in Sweden.

Audiences were thrilled by competitions held at the venues where the winners were awarded with Grundig sound systems, as well as other events in which food prepared using Grundig products was offered for them to try.

Grundig aims to introduce new generations sailing sports and to contribute to popularising sailing with this sponsorship.

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