Grundig’s newly-launched "Ruhun Doysun" (Feed Your Soul) project is aimed to encourage a lifestyle in touch with nature, mindful of food sources, consumption and reducing waste. Recently, Grundig was the main sponsor of the Istanbul-based, international food conference, YEDİ, and hosted a "Ruhun Doysun" lunch, where seven women from different parts of Anatolia gathered to cook traditional, waste-minimizing dishes.

Grundig, the premium brand of Arçelik A.Ş., was the main sponsor of YEDİ, an Istanbul-based food conference, with its newly-launched project “Ruhun Doysun”. Grundig is leading the "Ruhun Doysun" project in Turkey, aimed at encouraging a sustainable life in touch with nature, mindful of food sources, better consumption habits and reducing food waste. One of the highlights of the YEDİ conference was the “Ruhun Doysun” lunch hosted by Grundig.

With the slogan, "Wasting Food is Wasting Life", the lunch featured seven women from seven different geographical regions of Turkey, who gathered to cook traditional recipes based on food waste. They were women from the food world, producers, researchers, but not professional chefs. A team of professional chefs from Istanbul helped as their “sous chefs”. Together, they collaborated on a meal that highlighted the food-saving aspect of traditional Anatolian cuisine.

The women who cooked at the "Ruhun Doysun" lunch chose traditional recipes that make use of wasted food, especially stale bread. Stale bread was creatively used in main dishes as well as desserts. Under-utilized parts of meat, vegetables and fruits starred as main ingredients. Dried fruits and vegetables, as well as fruit and vegetable peels were also used.

The dishes cooked at the event included “pısık köftesi”, stale bread turned into meatless meatballs with grated tomatoes, herbs and spices, “hades çorbası”, a soup made from bone broth and onions, chickpeas, wheat and lentils, and “asma yapraklı pilav”, a rice dish using sour grape leaves and bulgur. A dish from the Black Sea region made use of watermelon rind, while another from Central Anatolia featured dried string beans.

The "Ruhun Doysun" Project

Grundig has launched the "Ruhun Doysun" project in Turkey, aimed at encouraging a sustainable life in touch with nature, mindful of food sources, consumption habits and reducing food waste. The main portion of the project is a series of videos, shot with and in collaboration with chef Mehmet Gürs. A Ruhun Doysun web platform accompanies the video series and makes it possible to access detailed information about the project, numerous ideas, recipes and articles.

Grundig, with its motto "Respect Food", also supports chef Massimo Bottura's "Food for Soul" initiative, which aims to combat food waste. Thanks to this initiative, 25 tonnes of food have been saved in soup kitchens and food events in just a year.

About "YEDİ"

The Istanbul-based international food conference YEDİ, held for the third time in October, 2017, aims to discuss important global matters relating to gastronomy. Opinion leaders, chefs, producers, and reserachers from around the world are invited to speak at YEDİ. This year, the event was held at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum with the topic "Extinction". Projects related to protecting and maintaining environmental and cultural diversity were shared. Yedi  refers to the seven regions of Turkey, the seven hills in Istanbul and is the past tense of “eat” in Turkish.