Arctic, the leading brand of Arçelik A.Ş. in Romanian market, has been granted the “Romanian Values Award” thanks to its outstanding performance in the premier organized by BIZ Magazine.

Having celebrated its 45th anniversary in Romanian market last year, Arctic has been entitled for the “Romanian Values Award” in the premier organized by BIZ Magazine thanks to its operations. Proving with this award that it is a company which continuously improves itself to offer a better life, Arctic also has strengthened its position as a brand Romanians themselves feel loyal to. This award also highlights that Arctic is still the first choice for most Romanians and this will be the same in the future. 

Awards were granted based on results of interviews with important opinion leaders of communication and business fields where the concept of ‘value’ can be defined and understood based on the study of Unlock. Aspects of human values, integrity, patience and resolution, positive social impact, intuition and awareness were considered to reveal the value highlighted in the study.

Stating that they want to maintain the brand values and spirit by making sure that Arctic develops with Romanian families, Arctic Romania Country Manager Hasan Yardımcı expressed his gratitude to consumers by saying “Thank you so much for accepting our brand in your homes.”

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