Staying true to its parent company Arçelik’s corporate vision “Respects the Globe, Respected Globally”, Grundig puts sustainability at the heart of its business thanks to its passion for protecting the world’s diminishing resources. In line with brand philosophy and values, Grundig supports and develops various projects focused on the sustainability theme to ensure a better future for people, promoting education and cultural exchange. Respect for Food is one of the main projects on which the company focuses.

Resource efficiency is already inherent in Grundig’s vision: water scarcity and energy efficiency are incredibly important, that’s why Grundig has been producing for many years, the world’s most energy and water efficient products. Now the company is focusing on «food waste». As a global corporate citizen, Grundig acts responsibly and attaches great significance to developing technologies that help fulfil its responsibilities, such as refrigerators that provide prolonged storage life for food.

This is why Grundig has chosen to be one of the first partners to support “Food for Soul”, a social and cultural non-profit organization founded by the renowned chef - three stars Michelin - Massimo Bottura.

The idea of Food for Soul was born after Bottura's successful project Refettorio Ambrosiano, a soup kitchen for Milan’s citizens in need where 15 tonnes of food, otherwise wasted, were recovered within only five months.

Food for Soul is a private, non-profit association dedicated to projects that address the issue of food waste. Working side by side with social institutions, Bottura and a team of other renowned chefs from around the world, teach others to transform salvaged food into delicious, healthy meals.

But that’s not all. Food for Soul supports the opening of soup kitchens that will nourish the soul, as well as the body through education and community involvement. Food for Soul is gathering ideas and partnership with a social and ethical aim focusing on Art, Architecture, Design, Food, in general Culture. The organization wants to create new places, dedicated services and activities, improve people’s life and nourish people’s soul not only with food but also through culture.

Food for Soul works with volunteers as chefs, designers, artists, architects, food providers, public and private institutions, homeless shelters and family services to raise awareness to the problem of food wastage. 

Food for Soul helps to create unique spaces for people to share a meal, learn a new skill, and work together to help each other. Each project is tailored to the needs of the community and the institutions that support it. It is created in collaboration with other private and public organizations to develop a network of people working together to promote change.

Thanks to this shared philosophy, Grundig now supports Food For Soul and its values, and speaks about Food Culture. The common aim is to spread the food knowledge by teaching people how to fight against waste in the kitchen with smart food reclaim and preparation techniques.

Grundig technology assumes an authentic ethical role, as Massimo Bottura says: “The kitchen is not just about the quality of ingredients but about the quality of ideas”. Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arçelik comments: “We are proud to partner with this incredible project that aims to make a positive impact on food waste. By educating more people about how they can reduce food waste and by continuing to develop sustainable products, we hope to make a difference and have a greater effect worldwide”.

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