Under the Respect Food concept, Grundig has started No Waste Food Week, a social responsibility campaign regarding food wasting in Slovenia.

On May 26, the great opening was organized with the participation of Massimo Bottura in a container kitchen which was placed in the city center of the Ljubljana. Along with Bottura, the famous Slovenian chefs also prepared workshops and recipes to show guests how to create delicious tastes with soon-to-be wasted food, as well as trainings to raise awareness regarding food waste. During the event, Grundig Respect Food menus were created to serve Slovania’s top 16 social influencers on June 1-2.

One of the supporters for this campaign Ana Ros, the world’s best female chef in 2016 also hosted a dinner in her restaurant, Hisa Franko and invited top 5 Slovenian chefs together with Bottura.

In the first week of the campaign the total reach was exceeded 20 million via 10 TV channels, 7 radio channels, 40 online portals and 9 printed publications.