In accordance with Arcelik group strategy to create positive brand association through sport, Grundig Nordic has established a pan Nordic sponsorship with the Royal Nordic Yacht Clubs, including the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club and the Royal Danish Yacht Club.

It is with great pleasure, and with expectations that Grundig now will take lead on this joint venture with the Royal Yacht clubs in the Nordics. We believe our engagement will benefit young athletes in the sports of sailing, and contribute to further strengthen the Grundig brand within the premium segment for the Nordic region»  - Per-Kristian Ervik, Managing Director, Grundig Nordic.

Scope Of Sponsorship Project

The sponsorship is made with local adaptions to meet membership needs in the respective clubs, but all parties share the vision to bring the J/70 boat into a leading sailing class in the Nordics. J/70 represents modern sailing, a perfect platform to attract young athletes and recruit new international sailing professionals that will honor the proud heritage of sailing in the Nordic region. Being partner for this project at the very beginning will benefit the Grundig brand as a strong asset to facilitate common brand associations across the Nordic countries. To keep a progression and joint direction towards the vision, some goals have been established throughout a 3-year perspective; implementation of Grundig Sailing Cup, Youth races, Nordic finals in Grundig Sailing Cup and file for official European Cup for J/70 sailing class.

«J/70 represents our most important project to activate members and recruit new athletes. Having a partner on board with a long term perspective, gives the club an opportunity to realize boats for training and a sailing cup already in 2016 season. Grundig Sailing Cup complements an activation program that are appealing, challenging and fun for members and sailors» - Johan Hedberg, Secretary General, The Royal Swedish Yacht Club

Brand Relevance

The partnership between Grundig and Royal Yacht Clubs has dimensions that  support Global brand image, and further strengthen communication platform towards key target audience. The sponsorship consist of several items, such as implementation of Grundig Sailing Cup, racing events, Grundig branded J/70 boats, but also facilities for client activation. The Royal Clubs have unique facilities and arrangements that are tailor made for B2B interaction. The main event for 2016 will be the well-known Oslo race week, located sea side Oslo, were Grundig will attend with a Grundig brand destination booth to meet potentially 200.000 visitors.

« We believe the partnership is genuine and supports a reason to believe in our brand that is hard to gain with only ATL spending.  The fundamental values of the Royal Scandinavian Yacht clubs reflect the brand values of Grundig. The Clubs abilities, and resources to facilitate for brand activation were strong arguments for us to plan a long term concept on how we will activate the brand towards key target group and host unique B2B activities” - Bård Nordhagen, Nordic Marketing Manager, Grundig Nordic



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