The full range provider of premium home electronics is championing its strong innovation and technology credentials at the internationally renowned IFA.

Berlin, 1st September 2016: Driven by its strong 70-year-old German heritage, Grundig is promoting its diverse range of innovative products demonstrating how it has successfully transformed from a consumer electronics brand to a forward-thinking, global home appliances manufacturer. Grundig announces its technology advances and new product development strategy for 2016 from its impressive 3,500 sqm booth.

Innovation at the Heart of Grundig 

Grundig’s show at IFA 2016 encompasses a new generation of connected, efficient and environmentally friendly products designed to make consumers’ lives better. Focusing on “INNOVATION FOR THE BETTER™”, Grundig is championing three pillars of innovation: Technology, Design and CSR across different home zones: living room, kitchen and laundry room. Grundig’s DNA lies in the symbiotic relationship between these three pillars. The 152 new products and several outstanding innovations displayed at Grundig stand have been designed to reflect current global trends and how people live today.

Strong Foothold in Home Technologies

Grundig is our premium international brand and has been synonymous with cutting edge, future technologies that offer durable quality products with refined design and innovative features. The evolution of the Grundig over the years is a clear demonstration of how successful the brand has been. Grundig has an ever- growing significance within our Group’s strategic vision. Since launching our white goods offering in 2013, Grundig has continued to perform well in a challenging market and we are forging ahead with sustainable international growth. Grundig is now Europe’s sole full range provider of home electronics and is present in more than 65 markets including Germany, Scandinavia and the UK. We are also rolling out expansion plans in China, South America and Australia with a goal for Grundig to take one fifth of Arçelik global sales in the next five years.” Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arçelik.

Innovation Driven by Technology

“Our consistent investments in the connected home space have resulted in a new portfolio of home electronics that will launch at IFA 2016. Grundig’s mission is to create products that not only are the best in terms of design and product efficiency but also meet the needs of the digital age with smart, agile, lifestyle-enhancing products that deliver real benefits to real people.”  Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arçelik.

Grundig has made significant investments in digital transformation, driving advances in inituitive technologies to make consumers’ lives easier. Grundig has also focused strongly on connectivity and cloud computing. In 2015 Grundig became a premier member of AllSeen Alliance, the cross-industry consortium dedicated to enabling and promoting the Internet of Everything.

Test Champion’ Award for Grundig from Stiftung Warentest

“Grundig has been recognized and won a number of awards for its design and product efficiency credentials. We are happy to announce that Grundig has been awarded the “Test Sieger (Test Champion)” award, for the second consecutive year, as a result of tests conducted by Stiftung Warentest, one of the leading testing institutes in Germany. Grundig GTA 38267 G dryer was accredited with Gut (1.7) grade and took the first place”. Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arçelik.

Innovation Driven by CSR: Respect Food

Grundig puts sustainability at the heart of its business, staying true to its parent company Arcelik’s corporate vision, ‘Respects the globe, Respected globally’. At IFA 2016, Grundig is championing its ‘Respect Food’ campaign by introducing new products and technologies designed to tackle the global issue of food waste and excessive energy consumption. As an official partner of Massimo Bottura’s ‘Food for Soul’ association, Grundig is working to raise awareness on how to fight against food waste in the kitchen.

The new CustomFresh+® technology for example provides precise temperature control from -1°C to +2°C, allowing storage life for food, meat, fish, cheese fruit and vegetables, up to three times longer than traditional fridges; while the new Fast & Healthy™ Oven features unique dehydration via combination of microwave cooking and conventional cooking, which creates healthy snacks from wilting fruit and vegetables up to 82% faster compared to conventional hot air drying. For those looking for a natural approach, the new HerbGarden™ fridge creates the perfect environment for growing herbs from seed, allowing for no pesticides.

Innovation Driven by Design

Grundig has a commitment to design-led innovation in all products. With its focus on energy efficiency and user friendliness, Grundig demonstrates its timeless and modern design credentials via a sleek and harmonious aesthetic. The new VUX ® Marble Induction cooker features a stunning new finish, while the introduction of carbon fibre not only provides a high temperature tolerance but also exudes a contemporary, luxurious tactile look. The new AutoLeveling technology launching allows for automatic shelf positioning whilst cooking, controlled by embedded sensor technology, which moves food up and down automatically to prevent over-cooking.

IFA 2016 Presence 

Grundig is presenting its full range of home electronics in Hall 23B Stand at IFA 2016 in Berlin from 2 to 7 September 2016. Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arçelik is hosting a press conference on the 1 September introducing this year’s showcase of their innovative product ranges. Grundig, the official sponsor of ‘Food for Soul’ by Massimo Bottura, is taking a new step by launching a new ‘No Waste’ initiative on Sep 2.  Massimo Bottura, the Founder of “Food For Soul” cultural association, will be the “Guest of Honour” during this event at the Grundig stand.

Product Highlights at IFA


Grundig is a champion of the connected home. With its HomeWhiz® connectivity solution, Grundig has connected its household appliances using a smart app, thereby making housework easier. When connected to a Wi-Fi network, customers can remotely control large electrical appliances using a smartphone or tablet. For example, a washing machine can connect with a TV screen to notify users that the wash cycle is finished.

HerbGarden ™

The HerbGarden™ allows customers to grow fresh and healthy herbs, with essential nutrients and antioxidants from seeds at home. The refrigerators, which can be controlled with a mobile application, include three sets of growing chambers, an LED light box, air pump and fan that can be adjusted to control the humidity. Plants that are traditionally harvested contain pesticides and lose their nutritional value within thirty minutes. The Grundig HerbGarden™ is a much more efficent method of producing plants and allows consumers to harvest small amounts, that are 100% organic.


Delivering life enhancing benfits to their customers is key to Grundig’s product development, ProScent ® technology freshens laundry whilst they are in the tumble dryer. A small capsule positioned inside the tumble dryer’s air flow, continuously permeates garments with a natural fragrance of your choice as well as keeping garments distinctly softer than traditional tumble dryers. This technology eliminates the need to use a fabric softner when washing clothes, saving approximately the cost of 22 liters of liquid fabric softner per year. 


Grundig is set to launch its first OLED TV with ultra-slim design and absolute picture brilliance at IFA 2016. The OLED 4K technology achieves unprecedented black levels.


Grundig is setting new standards by using intelligent projection technology to completely control kitchen appliances from one central point. The innovative VUX® (Virtual User eXperience) transforms an ordinary counter-top into an intuitive work surface, creating more flexibility in the kitchen. The VUX® technology offers consumers new ways to network their homes, revolutionising kitchens, producing a more user friendly, bespoke space.



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