Beko Washed the Uniforms
of the Czech Dakar Team


Beko, who sponsored the Czech Dakar team, showed how durable the products are in difficult conditions by placing a washing machine and tumble dryer in the vehicle of the team competing in unimaginable conditions.

Beko sponsored the 2017 Czech Dakar team, one of the most popular races in the Czech Republic, competing for 14 days in the Dakar Rally. This year the Czech team, led by Martin Prokop, competed in the 4x4 all-terrain modified vehicles category.

In the dusty and dirty Dakar Rally, officially approved uniforms that drivers must wear are washed daily. The Beko team adapted to the extreme environmental conditions of South America and worked to ensure the cleanliness and comfort of the driver throughout the race. To ensure the team has clean uniforms a Beko washing machine and dryer were installed in the vehicle of the Beko team. The Dakar Rally 2017 has proven that Beko washing machines and tumble dryers can withstand extreme conditions and lifestyles.