Beko Factory in Russia
Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary


Beko washing machine and refrigerator factory located in Kirzhach, Vladimir Region, celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The factory has been continuously operating for the last decade, and made a considerable contribution to economic success of the region. Currently, almost 1,500 employees are engaged at the enterprise. For the time past, the annual production of the enterprise amounted to nearly million appliances.

Fatih Kemal Ebiçlioğlu, the President of Koç Holding Durables Good Group, also attended the anniversary event.

“Beko Russia occupies a very important place in our global expansion journey. Exactly 10 years ago, Beko plant was founded as Arçelik’s first Greenfield investment. This facility is our Group’s first manufacturing site, planned and established abroad. Over the past 10 years, we have become a powerful player in the Russian home appliances industry. We continue to enhance our presence. We are continuously making a considerable contribution to the regional economy through added economic and social value. At the forefront of our success in Russia, lies our competent, innovative and creative workforce. Russia has immense potential and we are committed to support Beko Russia to excel on this opportunity.”

First household appliances by Beko were sold at Russian shops in 1997. Very soon after its arrival to the Russian market, Beko was included in top-5 of production and sales of large household appliance, and the company still keeps on increasing its sales volumes.

Construction of Beko factory in Kirzhach, Vladimir Region, started in 2005. The official launch of production facilities located on the area of over 550,000 sqm took place in 2006. Today the factory is equipped with advanced and innovative technologies that enable extremely low defect rates in assembling production.

From the very start of its operation in 2006, the factory became a very important part of development of the region, where it was located. Beko LLC can be named the key employer of Kirzhach. Besides, Beko factory is a socially responsible enterprise and takes active part in the town life, supporting local schools and kindergartens. Thus, the brand makes its substantial contribution to economic efficiency of the region.

“Our employees are the main and most important resource for us. The majority of employees are with us for many years. We make all efforts and investments in the development and persistent improvement of our personnel professional skills. We support the younger employees – graduates from profile high schools. This policy allows us to achieve successfully the goals set by the Company, and to retain leading positions among our competitors on the market of household appliances. In the current economic situation, we rely on our robust team, and we are sure that this will bring great results in the nearest future,” said Zafer Üstüner, Country Manager of Russia.

 “We pay special attention to implementation of high-end technologies in production. We use only the achievements that enable us to help our clients to improve their everyday life – to make it more comfortable and rational. In the future we plan to keep on producing the most innovative products on the market,” Üstüner noted.

Production at the factory keeps on going at an accelerated pace – after the first 6 years of operation, the millionth brand refrigerator left the conveyor. Environmentally friendly production of hi-tech equipment able to make people’s life easier is the basic priority for the Company.

By results of 2015, the factory released more than 750,000 appliances of both categories. The share of export reaches 36% – the factory exports its products to more than 17 countries.


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