Beko Becomes The Official
Sponsor of Cooking Talents
in Jordan


Beko has entered into a new partnership with the famous chef Iman Ammari in Jordan. Iman Ammari, with whom collaboration was developed to strengthen Beko’s brand engagement in Jordan, has 14 years of experience as a food stylist and 7 years as a TV host and a famous chef.

As Beko supports chef sponsorships, the slogan "Official Sponsor of Cooking Talents" has been chosen as the theme concept for communications. Beko's Iman Ammari sponsorship was announced with a large communication campaign held in June and July. The sponsorship, that will be brought to communications through ATL, BTL and digital channels, is going to be supported with events and sales activities. 

The very first cooking event with Iman Ammari was held at Carrefour, one of the most popular shopping malls in Jordan. During the event that attracted great attention, the visitors tasted the food prepared by Chef Iman and tried to guess the ingredients used. At the end of the show, the lucky person who guessed the ingredients right the most returned home with a Beko branded small house appliance.


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