Beko Aims to Conquer
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New technologies in cooking, cooling, laundry, dishwashing, small domestic appliances and FC Barcelona Co-Branded Refrigerators revealed at IFA in Berlin. 

Europe’s fastest growing home appliance brand has set its sights on significant growth by expanding into Asian Pacific and North American markets. 

"Our aim is to be one of the top three brands in every market we are in."

Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arçelik

Already in over 100 countries worldwide, the popular brand intends to expand further. Commenting on Beko’s aims, the CEO of its parent company Arçelik, Hakan Bulgurlu, asserted:

“Our aim is to be one of the top three brands in every market we are in. Beko is our leading global brand and is already performing strongly in Europe. We will maintain this, whilst taking the Beko brand to new markets in America and the Asian-Pacific region.”

Of particular importance are Beko’s plans to grow into the Asian-Pacific region.

“We are determined to create a trade corridor between Turkey and Asia Pacific to build a stable, reliable foundation for our business. We will build a 'Beko Road', just like the historical Silk Road expanded trade from the East to the West, taking market leading positions in countries along the route.”

Going on to discuss Beko’s European success, Mr Bulgurlu said: 

“Beko has been Europe’s fastest growing home appliance brand for the last 7 years. We have increased our market share in leading markets like France, Italy, Spain and Poland. We continue to perform strongly in the United Kingdom, the most competitive market in Europe, where we are the best selling brand.”

The Official Partner of The Everyday

Key to Beko’s global success is partnership. Beko uses smart, flexible, efficient technology and products to create solutions to everyday tasks and challenges that improve its customers’ lives. In this way, Beko is more than a home appliance brand. It is a partner with its customers.

Launched this year, the brand’s global campaign –Official partner of the everyday – aims to build stronger emotional connections with customers and cement the concept of partnership.

Mr Bulgurlu affirmed this, saying:

“We want our customers to know us as their ‘official partner of the everyday’. The campaign is based on understanding of real peoples’ lives, needs and everyday frustrations. It captures our commitment to helping our customers – making their everyday lives easier. And, in particular, celebrates the kitchen as the heart of the home for modern families.”

Innovation Today

Fundamental to Beko’s partnership with customers is providing solutions to customers’ everyday tasks and challenges. Beko does this with innovative technologies and products.

Explaining the approach, Mr. Bulgurlu hailed Beko’s focus on delivering innovation today:

“Innovation is a crucial part of our success. Every company claims to be innovative. What sets Beko apart is our focus on innovation that can have an impact now. We focus on developing and using technologies that can make a difference, today, to the everyday life of our customers all over the world. Innovation that not only creates ‘world first’ products – like those we are revealing here, at IFA. But innovation that can truly improve the everyday life of our customers today.”

Beko’s Latest Technologies

At IFA 2016 Beko is revealing its latest ‘innovation today’, with amazing new technologies and products in cooking, cooling, laundry and dishwashing. They include: 

  • EverFresh+® 0°C – Beko’s new refrigeration technology keeps meat, fish and dairy products fresh for up to three-times longer also preventing drying out, even when stored un-wrapped.

  • AirTherapy™ - the latest washing machine technology. The innovative washing machine system includes both an air heater and fan that use warm air circulation to enable users to refresh a 1kg load in 30 minutes through the Refresh Program.

  • IonGuard® - an industry first dishwasher technology releases negative ions that circulate inside the dishwasher, which results in neutralising the bad odours and cleaning the air inside the machine. Putting sustainability at the heart of everything it does, Beko has achieved odourless technology without using any harmful gases or chemicals.

And three cooking solutions:

  • Split & Cook®- Thanks to Split&Cook® technology, the ovens 82L capacity is divided into two sections, allowing consumers to adjust the cooking function, temperature and time settings of the two parts as needed. Together with Split&Cook®, with Surf® technology additional hot air is blown from the side walls of the oven ensuring food can be cooked evenly.

  • Direct Access Induction Hob - sleek in design and effective working options. Created with direct access and control technology, it is possible to control each zone of the hob separately with On/Off buttons, +/- buttons, Timers, Boosters and 9 power levels.

  • HobToHood™ - The built-in hob is equipped with multiple wireless transmitters, and the built-in hood is equipped with sensors and receivers.

Beko is also launching a new range of small domestic appliances, designed to complement its larger products and keep making our customers lives easier with new functionality. They include, Beko Kitchen Machine, Bean to Cup Espresso Maker, Silent Storm EcoSmart™ Vacuum Cleaner and SteamXtra™ iron.

These new products and technologies continue Beko’s record of innovation and set new standards for home appliances.

FC Barcelona Refrigerator 

Beko is also celebrating its partnership with FC Barcelona at IFA this year, with it’s first co-branded product reveal.

Beko has been an FC Barcelona Premium Partner since June 2014.

Both partners share a common belief in the importance of play and the need to have the time and freedom to play. Beko is committed to giving its customers more time to live their lives and to play every day, with smarter, more flexible and faster products and technologies.

Speaking about the exciting launch of Beko and Barcelona’s first co-branded product, Mr. Bulgurlu said:

“The values shared by Beko and Barcelona, and our partnership, are very important to us and we want to celebrate that. We are delighted to reveal our first co-branded product: the Beko refrigerator with EverFresh+ technology, which keeps food fresher for up to 3 times longer.”

“We are confident this iconic design will be popular with Barcelona, and indeed football fans around the world. To start with, we are launching a range of four models themed on the club. We hope this first step is successful and sees more co-branded products in the future.”

Beko at IFA

This year, Beko is showcasing world-firsts in product innovation whilst offering insights on global trends and forecasting the future of technology and sustainability. There will be entertainment at the Beko stand including live cooking shows, competitions to win El Clásico tickets and freestyler football shows every hour. 





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