Arctic Company donates intensive care mechanical ventilators to hospitals in Dambovita county



Bucharest, September 10th, 2020 – Arctic Company, the leader of the Romanian home appliance market, donates mechanical ventilators to hospitals in Dambovita county, as part of the company’s CSR campaign “Arctic for Health” - aiming to offer continuous support to the medical teams in the fight against the crisis generated by the Coronavirus.

Designed and produced for intensive care and reanimation units, the mechanical ventilators are compatible with International Standards of Electromagnetic compatibility in and safety and can support all female, male, paediatric and adult patients, being of lifesaving importance in the response to and treatment of Covid-19.

Arçelik, Europe’s leading players in the electronics and home appliances industry, and the mother company of Arctic, produced 5,000 life-saving mechanical ventilators on a not-for-profit basis to meet domestic and international demand, of which 2,660 have been sent to 21 countries including some of the hardest hit such as Brazil. The devices have also been sent to Somalia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, UAE, Chad, Dagestan, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Colombia, Libya, Niger, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Romania, Syria, Sudan, Morocco and Iraq. 

The ventilators were manufactured at Arçelik’s Çerkezköy electronics factory, which is equipped with the latest digital technologies, in collaboration with leading Turkish businesses in a collective effort led by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Health.

“We are extremely proud that, thanks to our group’s flexible production capabilities and a team of 120 world-class engineers who used the state-of-the-art technology available in our R&D centre, we succeeded to develop lifesaving solutions to the benefit of our communities. We have decided to fully support health services and the medical staff in Dambovita county, where our group operates its most important manufacturing center in European Union. Solidarity is what we need most in this period”, stated Murat Buyukerk, General Manager Arctic. 



This donation is under the umbrella of the company’s CSR campaign “Arctic for Health”, through which Arctic company constantly assesses measures and actions to be taken in order to contribute to the joint effort of society in the fight against COVID-19. Based on the collaboration with the Romanian Red Cross and the Romanian Health Solidarity Federation, Arctic Company previously donated over 1,300 appliances to equip over 90 hospitals and ambulance services with the necessary products for medical staff and patients. In the same time, the company’s involvement in limiting the effects of the virus also included, in April 2020, the launch of a solidarity movement named “Respect for the frontline!”, with the aim of showing gratitude and appreciation for those professionals in the first line in the Covid-19 fight.

“We thank Arctic for its tremendous support in addressing ICU’s treatment needs. This difficult period, which we are all going through, has proved that there are situations in which good thoughts and moral support must be doubled by vital material aid. The team of doctors working with the affected patients is deeply grateful for this donation and for supporting our work in the current epidemiological context", stated the management team of the Târgoviște County Emergency Hospital.

Being a major player in the home appliance market, Arctic Company is actively involved in the communities in which it operates. The solidarity and the responsibility for the safety of the employees, partners, clients and all the members of the community are one of the company’s top priority. Arctic Company is following the official recommendations made by the Romanian local health authorities and is adapting constantly required changes to its internal policies and actions plans through the Crisis Management team.



About Arctic:

Arctic, the leader of the Romanian household appliances market, is one of the strongest companies in Romania and at the same time one of the most important employers and exporters of Romania. With approximately 4,300 employees, the company exports 79% of the total production to over 78 countries.

With a history of almost half a century, Arctic has been part of the Arçelik group since 2002, a period in which both its turnover and production capacity increased significantly.

The company owns the largest home appliance factory in continental Europe, with the Gaesti unit producing up to 36 million refrigerators to date. It also owns the only Industry 4.0 factory in Romania and one of the few in Europe, the factory in Ulmi, Dambovita, with a production capacity of 2.2 million units per year after the end of the investment.

About Arçelik:

With over 30,000 employees throughout the world, 12 brands (Arçelik, Beko, Grundig, Blomberg, ElektraBregenz, Arctic, Leisure, Flavel, Defy, Altus, Dawlance, Voltas Beko), sales and marketing offices in 34 countries, and 23 production facilities in 9 countries, Arçelik offers products and services in more than 140 countries. As Europe’s second largest white goods company according to market share ranking based on quantity, Arçelik reached a consolidated turnover of 5 billion Euros in 2019. With almost 70% of its revenues coming from the international markets, Arçelik is the R&D leader in Turkey – holding more than 3,000 international patent applications to date with the efforts of 1,600 researchers in 15 R&D and Design Centers in Turkey and R&D Offices across five countries. 


About Arçelik Garage

The new-generation R&D center, Arçelik Garage, accelerates the process of turning an idea into an actual product and introducing it to the market thanks to its creative and collaborative work environment, design-oriented techniques, and advanced digital prototype infrastructure. In 1800 square meters of space equipped with high-technology advanced production techniques, internal researchers and external techno entrepreneurs are supported with know-how and technical expertise required to turn their ideas into reality. In 2019, Arçelik Garage helped develop 1,118 ideas, 93 prototypes and 10 concepts.