Leading household appliances manufacturer Arçelik continues to establish its dedication to initiatives surrounding climate change as it enters an agreement with Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), as it strives to double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency.

On 15th November during this year’s COP23 conference, Arçelik, the parent company of Beko, signed a “Delivery Partnership Agreement” with Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL). The agreement highlights the active participation of Arçelik in developing energy performance standards and accelerating the Sustainable Energy for All objectives.

SEforALL urges governments, businesses, and financial institutions to act much faster to deliver on the ambitious goals of ensuring sustainable energy for all while keeping the global temperature rise within two degrees Celsius.

Arçelik and SEforALL are working together to establish their commitment to identifying priority countries that need the greatest and most urgent interventions in the field of energy efficiency. Arçelik will also provide guidance based on business experience in the specific sectors of appliance efficiency and related services, collaborating to comply with the SEforALL’s Strategic Framework for Results and Business Plan 2016-2021.

Ragıp Balcıoğlu, Chief Commercial Officer of Arçelik A.Ş., revealed the company’s goal is to ‘ensure developing countries have access to “affordable” home appliances that are climate friendly and that do more with less resources.’ He explained Arçelik ‘believes that sustainability is not just the responsibility of governments or corporations. A better, more sustainable future requires everyone to contribute. Thus, we strongly believe in collaboration and cooperation across all stakeholders.’

Collaboration Aims to Engage New SEforALL Initiative “Cooling for All”:

The agreement will contribute to the new SEforALL initiative “Cooling for All ”, which aims to meet the challenges that a rising global temperature combined with growing rates of urbanization and growing cooling needs create, which in turn increases significant energy demand.

Cooling for All is an initiative that focuses on how we embed growing cooling demands that can reach everyone within a clean energy transition, and in turn, provide support to achieve the goals of the Montreal Protocol’s Kigali Amendment, which funds the programme. It was launched earlier in the year as record-breaking temperatures of 129 degrees were recorded in Iran. Lack of cooling access risks health issues, work productivity and growing food loss - with current estimates showing that 30% of all food is either lost or wasted from lack of cold, refrigerated supply chains.

Arçelik will participate in “Cooling for All” by contributing to the Panel Report through publicly available data, and sharing its expertise on the latest innovations and best practices in the cooling sector. The company will also take an active part in the activities that will be promoted by the “Cooling for All” initiative in its operational phase.

The agreement between Arçelik and SEforALL reveals how both companies will continue to increase public awareness and improve the global rate for energy efficiency.

Arçelik to Identify Priority Countries and Establish Energy Performance Standards:

This Agreement will focus on working in partnership to deliver SEforALL’s three core objectives to:

  • Ensure universal access to modern energy services

  • Double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency

  • Double the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix

In particular, the scope of this Agreement will deliver to the second objective of SEforALL by doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency. With this in mind, Arçelik will work with identified priority countries – initially beginning with Pakistan, Republic of South Africa and Thailand – to establish:

  • Energy labelling and minimum energy performance standards schemes

  • Energy and performance test and measurement standards

  • Market surveillance mechanisms

  • Market watch test planning

The company will work to share knowledge and data on energy saving country assessment calculation by evaluating energy labelling and minimum energy performance standards schemes for home appliances, particularly for refrigerators and freezers.