Announcement on the Mass Production of Domestic Mechanical Ventilators



At Arçelik, we are proud to be commencing the mass production of mechanical ventilators that will be of lifesaving importance in the response to and treatment of COVID-19. Led by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Turkish Ministry of Health, we have designed and tested the first prototype of the ventilator developed by Biosys.

As a company operating in home appliances and consumer electronics industries, we also have a wealth of experience in developing a wide-ranging portfolio of products, thanks to our flexible production capabilities. We developed the prototype of the mechanical ventilator at Arçelik Garage, our new generation R&D center. This center plays an important role in the commercialization and mass production of the technologies developed by start-ups. We will begin the mass production of the prototype at Arçelik Çerkezköy Electronics Plant, which is equipped with the latest digital technologies. Our intention is to complete the production of 100 units by April 15 and to reach 5,000 units by the end of May.

A team of 120 Turkish world-class engineers (60 from Arçelik and 60 from both Baykar and Aselsan) are working together to deliver this initiative. The team works under quarantine conditions and no visitors are allowed to enter the production areas.

Our collective expertise regarding design improvement, industrialization and localization of the mechanical ventilator will be given to the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology on a not-for-profit basis.

Arçelik is extremely honoured and motivated to participate in this initiative – one which is of great value to our country. We will strive to continue to develop and advance lifesaving solutions for the benefit of humanity.