Hakan Kozan

Chief Purchasing & Supply Chain Officer


Hakan Kozan, who started his career as a mechanical engineer at Arçelik, took on important responsibilities at Arçelik factories in Turkey, Russia and South Africa during his 30 years of experience, rising to the position of Head of the Arçelik Purchasing Directorate and successfully managing many purchasing operations.

Completing his undergraduate education at METU Mechanical Engineering in 1993 and his MBA education at Bilkent University in 2013, Hakan Kozan started his career as a Production Team Engineer in the Dishwasher Unit of Arçelik in 1993. He worked as Production and Production Engineering Manager in Arçelik's Russia Factory in 2005 and as Operations Director in 2008. In 2009, he returned to Turkey and continued his duty as Arçelik Dishwasher Product Director. Kozan worked as Sub-Sahara Regional Director at Defy Factory in South Africa in 2013 and returned to Turkey in September 2017 to become Arçelik Purchasing Director. Having worked as a manager in many different processes, starting from production, for 30 years, Kozan was appointed as the Deputy General Manager of Purchasing & Supply Chain as of October 1, 2022.

Hakan Kozan is married and has one child. Hakan Kozan and his family have lived in different places, like Ankara, Russia, South Africa, and Istanbul, over the course of his career. Sports and hiking are among Hakan Kozan's interests.