We offer integrated solutions for better service and security

The fast pace of change in the world requires rapid response to security issues. As a global player, we are developing image processing facilities to meet security expectations in integrated service solutions. Our infrastructure is designed to be used in service stations, airports, hospitals, schools, workplaces and other public areas in every sector. We aim to customize image processing services according to evolving customer expectations.

Initially, our image processing solutions will provide the following services using edge and cloud computing:

  • Number plate recognition: traffic density analysis and vehicle tracking services

  • Service station traffic management: station- and pump-level performance analysis depending on vehicle traffic in the service station

  • Service station operations management: enables 24/7 surveillance and notifies employees when unauthorized access is detected, even if employees are outside the station

New security threats affect Turkey and require global standards to tackle. Therefore we work to enable security analyses in public areas such as airports and shopping centers

  • Early warning and reporting in case of fire, smoke or suspicious activity

  • Early warning and reporting in case of persons changing locations, departing from designated locations, or engaging in suspicious behavior

  • Early warning and reporting to authorities for detecting unauthorized entrance, suspect recognition, and suspect tracking

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